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Amy Lyndon has 40 Network Series Regulars, an Emmy Winner, is a Backstage Magazine Expert Columnist and Top Audition Technique Coach for 4 years running. She is an Internationally recognized force. Her book, "The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking Technique" is in Universities and she often conducts seminars here and abroad. Ms. Lyndon truly cares about her student's success. That is why she had provided the tools to help you gain confidence, feel empowered and understand how to compete and win.

This is a professional, practical, applicable and detail-specific class for actors that already know how to act. This is NOT an acting class. This is a BOOKING Class. Each week Amy will personally hand pick scenes specifically designed to improve the skills of each individual student. Every student works every class with one goal in mind – TO BOOK THE JOB. The scenes are handed out at the start of class and each student individually prepares their scene as if it were a real audition using THE 15 GUIDELINE MAP TO BOOKING TECHNIQUE. Since the class is designed to mimic a real audition, the students DO NOT rehearse with their scene partner. Feedback will be based solely on the technique. THE GOAL IS TO BOOK THE JOB ON THE FIRST TAKE. Each student will stay up until they book the job or learned their lesson. After learning the technique, you will always know what you are doing and have a definite way of working to achieve greatness.

Class is held Monday and/or Wednesday Evenings in North Hollywood, CA
Call: 818.760.8501 for Qualification Requirements
Or Email:

Join Celebrity Coach – Amy Lyndon as she dispels the myths of the audition process and provides you with an effective, straightforward approach to nailing your auditions and booking work as an actor. Amy Lyndon's 15 Guideline Map to Booking Technique has been recognized as the secret weapon for 39+ Network Series Regulars, an Emmy Winner and thousands of working actors around the globe. Let The Lyndon Technique help you study smarter, feel empowered in your auditions and realize the career of your dreams.

This workshop is great for new students and current students who could use a refresher course. You will learn The 15 Guideline Map To Booking Technique from the beginning. If you want to be an Olympic Actor, then you must start with the basics of any technique. This one works, if you know how to work it!

“The Actor must approach acting like an Olympic Athlete. The more you practice the necessary skills, the more you will book. When a high level of discipline and concentration on the work is achieved, you will see incredible results.” ~ Amy Lyndon

Workshop is held the 2nd Saturday of every month from 9am – 2pm
Call: 818.760.8501
Or Email:

I want to say thank you for all the help you have done for my daughter. You put her on the right track again. She is happy and so confident in preparing herself for the auditions using your technique and everything you taught her. She always asks me to call and see if we can get you, but it's so hard to get a famous coach like you! But like you said, you’re training her so she can do it by herself. Our family loves you.
~ Ana Paula Giacose – Lana Giacose’s Mom

I am literally blown away by Amy Lyndon & her original & comprehensive technique to actors booking jobs!! There truly is nothing like it! My teens are new to Amy's weekly classes however we could see after the very first class why she has 18 Series Regulars. Within minutes she is able to use her technique to redirect the actors & make their scenes pop & come to life. She is truly amazing! She is supremely specific! She teaches the actors to be clean, sharp & listen actively. It is truly magical to watch her transform the scenes right before my eyes as she teaches the essential skills needed to be in the top 1% of actors who book jobs! Amy is truly the Olympian celebrity coach! Her skills are life changing!!! ~ Karen Klein – Kyle and Jeremy Klein’s Mom

Amy is a no BS type of coach. You can try and fake your way through a scene, but Amy's expertise comes from getting to the truth and honoring the work as it's written so you can book the job and become a working actor. I am finally on track auditioning with more confidence than ever before. If you want someone who understands the business, the work and what it takes to book the job, this is the class for you!
~ Chris DiVecchio

Matthew booked an important role in the feature film "Bad Teacher" with Cameron Diaz this past week. The audition skills he learned from you made a significant contribution to his success! I highly recommend your classes and coaching sessions to anyone who is serious about a career in film or TV!
~ Leona Evans – Mathew Evans Mom

There's Shakespeare, Scene Study, Cold Reading and then there is Amy Lyndon's Booking Technique - "the final frontier" in actually getting the job. After only four classes, I booked Grey's Anatomy. Two weeks later and two more classes, I booked a feature film directed and produced by Clint Eastwood opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. Change your booking ratio, change your life. I highly recommend Amy Lyndon's Booking Technique.
~ Roberta E. Bassin

For years, I have been jumping around from acting class to acting class but never felt like I was getting what I needed to book the job. I learned all sorts of techniques but nothing seemed to stick until I learned your technique. For the first time, breaking down a script is actually an enjoyable process that makes sense. Your technique has allowed me to feel confident in the audition room because for the first time I feel like I know what I’m doing. And the proof is in the pudding because I’m getting great feedback and callbacks for juicy guest star roles!
~ Yee Yee Lee

I booked CSI as Marta Corteo. I auditioned today at 3 and by 4 I had been booked. Apparently they stopped seeing people and made a choice. You've helped me achieve all the success that I've had lately, you taught me how to promote myself, have a good package and audition to book. Thank you eternally for your influence and help. Much love!
~ Alexandra Manea

I only received the sides the evening before but set to work on it using your guidelines. I did the readings and in her words, “I am really impressed and I am not easily impressed. You have seen 2 hundredths of the script taken out of context and what you have brought to it is very good. You are my last appointment of the day, you were definitely worth the wait and I am so glad to end the day on a high.” I then let her into the secret of your fine work. So thank you again. It clearly works.
~ Suzanne Roche

Just wanted to take a moment to say how thankful I am to have met you. You have helped me tremendously not only with my acting but with confidence as well. I can't tell you the great feedback I have been receiving, especially in comedy. I notice how much of myself / personality I'm bringing into a scene, and making it less about the words. Your technique has helped me understand sides tremendously and your teaching and support has helped me take more risks and grow as an actor.
~ Kris Paredes

I'm SO GRATEFUL, BLESSED, APPRECIATIVE to have found you!!! You're class has changed my life... not only professionally but personally as well. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I can't even put into words what you have done for me.
~ Melissa Rivera

Amy Lyndon's technique has literally changed my state of being when I enter the audition room. I have been studying and working as an actor for over 10 years, but I never felt comfortable with my own audition process. Now, I feel so relaxed because I've done the work and applied "The Lyndon Technique" to my material and it works every time. It feels great to have the right plan.
~ Marcus Patrick

I booked the callback the day after my first Amy Lyndon class! I put Amy's technique to work, and booked this awesome role! Big thanks, and may your day be awesome!
~ Jimmy McFinn

Amy... what can I say? You know it when you just know it. There is no question you're my kind of teacher and business professional. Not only do your skills and qualifications speak volumes... but also your personality and style complete the deal. I'm glad I'm here. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" I AM READY!!!
~ Joey Lotito

Thank you for your encouraging words, always. I feel like I have grown so much in just the last year and a half that I have studied with you. Your words have really allowed me to be okay with letting go - and that is so important! I love your class, Amy. You're the best.
~ Angie Light

Ok. I haven't even had my 4th class with you yet, but since I started on July 19th, I've booked "The Mentalist" (shoots tomorrow), put on avail for "The Parenthood", and just an hour ago, I was put on avail for "Private Practice." I guessed I learned something, huh? ;-) THANKS, AMY!
~ William Christopher Stephens

I just booked the starring role -- the actual title character -- in a pilot by 20th Century Fox! The writer called me to tell me that they had more than 1500 submissions, they auditioned 150, and I was their first choice! I called my agent to tell her that they called me directly to let me know I was booked, and she said, "It's that Amy Lyndon." So thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
~ Jen Nikolaisen

I can honestly say that since I started studying The Lyndon Technique I have become a booking machine. Her technique, insight and experience are immeasurable. I signed with an A list commercial agent, manager, booked Sons of Anarchy, booked the lead in a feature film, 6 (paying) films and figured out what I'm selling. Her passion and commitment to her students, and the work, is contagious.
~ Mike Pfaff

Amy - you are AWESOME! Thank you so much for helping Justin get to where he is today, without your fantastic teaching methods, The Lyndon Technique, and your amazing coaching, we'd probably be back in Colorado instead of booking jobs! Not only do you have a superb and successful teaching method - you also really care about your clients! Thank you for EVERYTHING you have helped us with. YOU ROCK!
~ Jennifer Tinucci – Justin Tinucci's Mom

My audition with Criminal Minds went really well and I owe it all to you!! I may not show it to you in class, but your technique and guidance has really helped to take me to the next level in my craft. I walked in to the audition with 6 people sitting there and I was so focused and felt so confident in what I was saying and doing. After the read several said, "really good read", and Scott David was smiling and nodding his head yes in agreement!! I owe you a debt of gratitude.
~ Monique Bricca

You rock Amy! You are THE best teacher, you tell the truth and make actors better, always held a high regard and respect for you :)
~ Heath Centazzo

AMY LYNDON your technique has changed my career. I use it for EVERY script, whether it is a cold read or a shoot, you are AMAZING!
~ DH Lewis

Hi Amy! I just want to let you know how much I love to get an audition now and to work the Lyndon Technique in preparing...I have an audition later this afternoon and I am looking forward to showing them how detailed my character is!
~ Marie V. Cruz

Amy, I love your courses! I am not a typically fanatical person, but I was telling a friend yesterday that when I listen to your lectures I feel like jumping up and down, throwing my arms into the air and shouting, "AMEN! HALLELUJAH!" I love your no-holds-barred method of teaching! You hit the nail on the head every time. I actually get chills when I listen to you speak -- that is the true sign of inspiration! I've learned more from you than I have from all of the acting courses I have taken combined.
~ David Hodges

Hey Amy! I just want to say that I think you and your class were the best thing that happened to my career and me. I really mean it, and I'm not just saying it, but I think you need to hear how you profound, astute and smart you are - I just think you are an unbelievable teacher and mentor.
~ Tony Feijoo

Amy, thank you so much for taking out the time to workshop with us seniors during Aaron Sorkin Week. I found your technique practical, smart, and incredibly useful! Your technique has helped me understand the booking jobs process better and I am certain with some more practice controlling my nerves, the technique is infallible.
~ Jessica Bues

I went in to read for producers for the new feature "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. In the room, Rob Reiner asked me to take a look at the sides for the Third Lead character. They handed me eight pages! After only 10 minutes they called me back in. I was able to break down the script and deliver a performance that Rob Reiner and the rest of the producers said, "wow, that was awesome. Impressive!" I finished the session feeling great, knowing I had given a wonderful audition, and as my agent confirmed for me afterwards, they were very impressed. With Amy's coaching I have developed a strong and consistent process that has certainly increased my confidence and final product! I LOVE AMY!!!!
~ Roy Vongtama

Well long story short I got my sides and was clueless for about 15 minutes and then I said you know this, I've done this a million times so get to it... BREAK THIS SCRIPT DOWN!!!! Well, I did and I used your guidelines that I had buried in the back of my acting notebook and I ROCKED THAT AUDITION AND BOOKED IT!!!!! It was YOUR guidelines that got me ready and made me feel comfortable enough to go in that audition room and feel like I knew exactly what I was doing because I actually did know!! I just want to thank you for being a great teacher and creating the Guidelines that WILL GET YOU BOOKED!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!
~ Bridgette Wright

Amy is inspirational. She cares so much about each student. She takes time to learn who they are, what they can bring to the table, and how they can improve. She creates a fear-free environment and helps people feel comfortable to grow. She has a wide breadth of knowledge about her industry, and she loves to share it and help people achieve their goals. Amy is hard working, and dedicated. I recommend her fully.
~ Iselle Slome

Troy got the part!!! Troy just got a call from the director of "My Life Undecided" and it's all because of you!!! Thank you!
~ Troy Osterberg's Mom

Amy Lyndon is by far the BEST coach!! She is also a proactive working actor who goes out in the world and just doesn't teach. She is privy to every casting director, every show and does her homework and passes it on to her students. She is hard, yes.... but kind, warm, generous and so cute and funny. She NEVER makes an actor feel inadequate. She will work you till you are there at the callback. I could go on and on.
~ Maray Ayres

Amy is an amazing teacher and her program is the ultimate actors' boot camp. She's the drill sergeant, coach, director and casting director. It's the greatest place to be challenged, tune your audition and acting muscles, learn new skills and get stronger. Always inspiring, Amy knows what she's talking about, is always right and has a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to be a working actor. Survive her class and you will be ready to actually succeed in the real world. There is nothing else like it!
~ A.J. Tannen

Amy is the most amazing teacher I've ever had. She really helps her students not only understand the material at hand, but to understand the genre, how to make the story work the way it is written, and to have the confidence performing any role. She has helped me many times to think outside the box about ways to get into a casting office or breakdown a scene. Ever since my start with Amy's Technique, my stagnant career has taken off because she makes you set goals and holds you accountable for yourself as a self-promoting actor...she is the Jesus of Acting Coaches.
~ Alexis Zibolis

What's up, Amy? Just want to let you know that I just booked a film called "Legacy". I can't believe I'm actually going to be getting paid to do what I love! I have to thank you and give a huge-ass hug for drilling me with comedy. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
~ Jelani Gibson

Thank you for everything. You are the most awesome coach in the world. You have moved me forward so much in acting. My entire approach to my entire life has changed from taking your class.
~ Brianna Larson

Listen, I wanted to tell you the other night when I was driving away, that I have taken class EVERYWHERE in this town. EVERYWHERE. And you are by FAR my favorite coach and class. I am not just saying that, really. It is tailor-made for me. Love it.
~ Annette Chavez

I just got the call that I booked a part in Sofia Coppola's "Mary Antoinette". I'm opposite Kirsten Dunst and Jason Shwartzman. I'm so excited!!! It shoots in Paris!!! Thanks so much!!! I couldn't have done this without your teaching. I'm really glad I went to you first for acting class. It has really paid off.
~ Bo Barrett

You are a great teacher because you are a great example. You are specific, relentless and passionate in your own life and you expect the same from all of us. Your technique translates to all styles. I'd been doing a particular Shakespearean monologue for years. Using your technique I was able to take it to the next level, making it so much more personal and fun for me. The director and producer had a ball watching it and I booked the show! Thank you.
~ Jacy Gross

After studying with you for only two months, I can already see a huge difference in my booking percentage. I had three auditions this past weekend and booked all of them! You're a genius!
~ Marguerite Insolia

I just booked my first SAG feature and they are Taft Hartlying me! Thank you for your great technique.
~ Meli Paige

I booked a job on Saturday. It's a series of films that Master P is producing and directing. We already finished one, where I co-starred with his son Lil Romeo. I wasn't even nervous when I went up to audition. Thank you.
~ Jay Costelo

I got a call saying I booked that film we worked on and it's shooting in Ireland. Thanks for your help in our privates. I definitely think our approach to the scenes were different than anyone else's. You're a smart girl Amy Lyndon!
~ Rick Yudt

About a week ago I read in class an audition piece that I was going to audition for, last night I finally had the audition and felt very confident due to your class. My reading went great! I could not have been any happier. I walked out of that place knowing that I had the part. Today they called me and let me know that I did get the part. I received this job all because of you Amy. Thank you very much.
~ Ethan

I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. I had an audition two weeks ago for an independent feature film titled "Juarez Mexico." When I went to the audition I read completely cold & applied what I've learned from you. I felt good about the audition & what's funny is that the character has a very tough scene (strong character), just like what we had started working on. I ended up not holding back & went crazy, which worked. The director loved my "intensity" is what he called it. So, we started shooting on Tuesday!
~ Carmen Perez

I booked another feature film! It's also one of the leads. I did my thing and when I was done, the producer asked where I had been training, because she was really impressed with how calm, relaxed I was, and how I took my time to feel every moment. Those were her exact words. She also was impressed by how good I did even with the reader who didn't even look up at me once. I responded with my previous training and emphasized you and your class. So she booked me and we start shooting in January. Thank you!
~ Anthony Marquez

I have been acting my whole life, but not until I started Amy's course have I been as confident in my abilities as I am now. I have gotten jobs and representation due to her practical and effective methods. Thank you Amy for making me a better working actor!
~ Walter Delmar

I went straight to producers this morning at Paramount Studios. They handed me sides when I got there! No worries! Your training rocks! They kept me till it was just me and one other girl. Then they chose her. She was more Puerto Rican than me by far! And looked like the lead's sister. But I'm FUNNY! And made sure they knew that! The main producer walked me out and said, "I'm going to work you into this show. Now that I know who you are ...I can write for you." I told him awesome ...that I looked forward to working with him.
~ Maria Arce

Amy, do you have any idea how instrumental you were in me booking this role?? Tell your class to pay close attention, your supportive words have a creative life all their own. Long ago you mentioned to me during a critique, "Who wears plaid pants like that? You're unique and brilliant at comedy!" Well, I never forgot that day and your words lived in me for the past year. Remembering your critique, this time I went to the audition as me, just me. No audition clothes, I wore my favorite britches, the plaid pants and my converse tennies. I felt unstressed and you know, as myself with which I threw in a bit of my dry wit and they loved it. At the shoot the Show Runner and Producer complimented me on being funny, that's pretty cool. There you go sister; this is a win for both of us. I couldn't have done it without you!
~ Channe Nolen

Amy Lyndon is the best in the game for a reason. Not only does she prepare actors for work on camera, she seasons them to be prepared in every aspect of the film industry. I attended her class where she had an exercise on how to nail the "Tell me about yourself" question with producers, agents, writers, etc. and the very next day I found myself being asked that same question by one of the top agents in the game. Not only did I nail it but also, I "WOWED" them so much that they offered me a 1-year contract within the hour! I felt like I was in high school and had the answers to the final exam written on my shoe! Having Amy is like having an industry cheat sheet!
~ Carlos Pratts

Last night was the best class we have had. In a city where everybody just says, "you're great!" it's refreshing to find somebody who cares enough to say, "here's what you need to do to become great!" even if it's tough love. Thank you!
~ Jared Thompson

I wanted to say thanks for such a great class. I'm learning so much! Yours is the first class where I can actually feel what it's like to do sitcom the right way.
~ Alyssa Lobit

I had to email you today and tell you how much YOU ROCK!!!! I really can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your brilliant method. I think last night it finally sunk in. I don't know if you believe in fate, but I've been looking for someone like you for a while to give me a big kick in the ass! I really appreciate what you do and have a lot of respect for you.
~ Trey Parker

Your speech last night was very uplifting and inspiring! It really can happen at any moment. I feel very ready and I can't wait for my break!!!!!!! I just wish I had met you when I first moved out here 8 years ago!!!!!!
~ Debbie Wittenberg

Thanks so much for the wise words, and I am so excited that I finally feel like I'm being productive and proactive in getting what I need! Thanks for giving me the push. You're the best!
~ Aimee

I am so grateful for Amy Lyndon and her guidelines because it is an honest reality and no matter what type of audition I get I now have a brilliant approach to work from for the rest of my career and it takes discipline and hard work, which I've never lacked. Amazing Amy!!
~ Kiri Stevens

Thank you Amy for class. It was awesome and it's more than I can expect. I appreciate your patience. I've been really watching your blogs and everything and I sound like a creep but your voice lessons are on my ipod – haha.
~ Teodorico Sajor

Just came back from another audition and I am on fire. Amy, you are a God sent. I carry your book with me everywhere I go and it’s the perfect How To Book to go out and nail every audition. Now whether I get the job or not, I don't care because I know they'll remember me regardless. I have never felt so on top of my game and confident in my craft. Taking your classes and having your book have been the best things that have happened in my career. I leave no step uncovered, come in, do my job, and get the hell out. I love you Amy and am forever grateful.
~ Vanessa Hidalgo

When I first heard about Amy Lyndon's class from a friend, I thought it was just like any other classes out here in LA. "It was another good class that a person is taking because they heard it looks good on the resume." But once, I actually took the class, and career consultation from Amy, my bookings went up, my whole career changed within months. My confidence level went up, I was comfortable with who I was, and what I was selling as an actor. When I went into auditions, I didn't have the nervousness, i once had and was in the 1%. I've booked numerous films and a series regular within the year of studying with Amy. Not only is she the BEST booking coach, and career consultant, but she is a GREAT person.
~ Ingrid

Thank you for all your hard work! I always leave your class feeling like I've accomplished something, learned something, and have something new to work on. You strike a great balance with constructive criticism :) See you soon!
~ Allison Powell

I wish I would have met Amy when I first got into the industry. I would have saved sooo much time and money. Before I started with Amy, I was very inconsistent with my auditions - some days were good and others, well, I hated myself for choosing this profession. The Lyndon Technique has helped me get out of my head and consistently have great auditions. She also helped me with my reel, which my agent loved! And by helped I mean, she held my hand through the whole process, choosing scenes (I Could be cast for), coaching and editing. She is truly invested in all her students. Amy is a great teacher for actors, from those who are learning the ropes to those who just need a bit of polishing.
~ James

I wasted a lot of time. Your class is the most effective class I know. I'm glad you exist to give actors a chance at succeeding. You've impacted my life.
~ Vivian Guzman

First and foremost I want to say that I am really enjoying the class and I am learning so much about myself and you help keep me very motivated.... I'm not trying to kiss your ass but you're a pretty amazing woman, you have a lot of heart and I appreciate you.
~ Lena Bookall

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks. Thursday night in class I felt like I had a breakthrough. Your lecture spoke to really letting it go and doing the scene for me. I took that to heart, and it really allowed me to be present in the scene.
~ Angie Light

Just wanted to say you are phenomenal cold reading coach and a truly authentic person. Just what I was looking for in a cold reading coach!
~ Caro Moreno

I am blessed to be in such an informative and educational class with you. Everything that we talk about in class was addressed in the audition session- from beginning, middle, end- choices, and I was fully aware of my choices with the material and why I made them- and able to talk about them. Amy, I felt so empowered, and when he asked to see shame, I gave it to him. I felt relaxed, prepared and in control of my work.
~ Tenisha D. Light

Thank you so much for letting me sit in on your class Monday night. I love the way you teach! Having worked with several coaches, I realize how important it is to have a comfortable safe relationship with a person - who coaches for the right reasons and from the right place. You are great at what you do and the whole experience was so positive for me.
~ Ashlee Gilbert

I wonder if others in your class really know the wealth of entertainment knowledge you possess, and just how fortunate we are to have you.
~ Sean Wilson

I feel that on behalf of all of your students, it is hugely important that I acknowledge the following... not only are you a fantastic acting teacher/coach, but a genuine and real-deal mentor to all of us! And that is The Double Wammy! It is so evident of how in touch you are with the careers of all of your students... Your interest and support is a tremendous source of continual inspiration... which all of us need! YOU are the Double Wammy Mama-Jamma!
~ Vikki Gurdas

I had a great time in your class today. Thank you so much for putting it together. All the recommendations and things I'd read & heard about you were true. You're a good teacher, fun, know exactly what you're doing, and do it well. I especially appreciate the way you break the reading process down to digestible and tasty bite-sized chunks - it's very useful. But perhaps the most powerful gift you gave me today was the reminder to practice auditioning. I'm very new to L.A., and acting as a business, though I've been practicing the craft for 30 years. Everything in class today now has me excited and eager to just get out and audition as much as possible. So, thanks for a fun and motivating experience today.
~ Drew Garretson
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